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May Easy Read Newsletter

Hello from the Easy Read Online team and welcome to this month’s update!

I Need Easy Read campaign launched!

Photo of all the people who attended the launch event, members of the Mencap group are holding up signs that say I need Easy Read.

Photo of people at the I need Easy Read launch event playing an interactive game about Easy Read

We were really pleased to support the I Need Easy Read campaign launch at the start of the month at Mencap Cottage House in Crosby.

We have been working on this campaign with members of Mencap Liverpool for the past year and it was brilliant to see the launch go so well.

You can find out more on the campaign website here:

You can keep up to date with the campaign by following the social media channels:


Easy Read and Digital Accessibility

Image includes an illustration of two women at a computer. One of the women is blind and using a screen reader.

We recently published a blog about digital accessibility and how organisations can ensure their digital publications can be read by everyone.

It’s important that online documents fully adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) so they can be read by screen readers, which support people with visual impairments.

This is a service we offer as part of creating your Easy Read document.

You can find out more on the blog page of our website here:


Feedback on our Easy Reads from people with learning disabilities

An important part of our process of creating Easy Read information is receiving feedback from end users to check how useful (and easy!) the texts really are.

We have a cross-section of our documents checked regularly to ensure we are maintaining a high standard of Easy Read that benefits the end user.

Our clients can request this service specifically for their document if they would like it to be checked by a group of people with learning disabilities.

Last week three of our staff members observed a checking session with a user group, which they found very useful.


Petition - Tell more people about Easy Read!

Image includes the I need Easy Read logo, an illustration of a megaphone with the word petition coming out of it and the logo on the bottom right.

As we draw closer to the next general election, the I Need Easy Read campaign has set up a petition asking the new government to ensure that Easy Read is more widely promoted and that organisations follow their legal duty to provide information in accessible formats.

Please support the campaign and sign the petition here!


Thank you

That’s all from us for this month. Thank you to all of the clients we have worked with. It’s been a pleasure to support your work in creating accessible information.

As ever, if you need to request a quote for information in Easy Read, you can use our online form:

Best wishes,

The Easy Read Online team.


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