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April Easy Read Newsletter!

Hello from the Easy Read Online team! Welcome to this month’s endeavours. 


Easy Read Highlight Projects

Havens Hospices


This month we have teamed up with Havens Hospices to make a meaningful difference. Together, we have been translating important information about Havens Hospice services into Easy Read. By providing accessible information, we're empowering individuals with learning disabilities to engage in making vital decisions about their hospice care and support. This is especially important when it comes to end-of-life care decisions. We are committed to continuing our partnership with Havens Hospices well into the future. Here's to making a positive impact, one step at a time!

Picture of the cover of the havens hospices doc, features an image of the hospice, their logo and text says about your care at fair havens.


Acts of Resistance Exhibition


Do you enjoy the art of photography? South London Gallery is holding the fantastic Acts of Resistance: Photography, Feminism and the Art of Protest exhibition from 8th March to 9th June. We worked with South London Gallery to create an Easy Read version of their exhibition guide! Check out our work here:

Image features items from the exhibition at south london gallery.


Free content!

Asking for Easy Read


As part of our I Need Easy Read campaign, we created an Easy Read document about… Easy Read! Lots of people still do not know what Easy Read is and how it could benefit their lives. The people who do know about it often do not know how to ask for it! Find out about Easy Read by reading our new free document: 

Front cover of the free document featuring an illustration of an older lady pointing to an easy read document and the text asking for information in Easy Read. Also features the Mencap liverpool and Sefton and Easy Read online logos.

Catch next month’s newsletter to get all the juicy details of our campaign launch!


Wrap Up

That’s all from us this month - a big thanks to all the clients we have worked with, we have thoroughly enjoyed supporting you to create accessible information.

If you would like to request a quote for information in Easy Read, you can use our online form:

Best wishes,

The Easy Read Online team.

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Lamb Herman
Lamb Herman
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As part of our I Need Easy Read campaign, we created an Easy Read document about… Easy Read! snow rider 3d

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