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  • What is best in Easy Read - photo images or drawings?
    We think that this is down to personal preference. Some people like photos, others like illustrations. We like to use our own custom illustrations that were designed by our in-house illustrator. We would only recommend that it’s best to avoid cartoon-like imagery as this can be patronising to Easy Read users.
  • Can you produce Large Print documents?
    Yes, we can produce Large Print versions of your information. We can produce a Large Print version of your original text, or the Easy Read text, depending on your intended audience. Our costs for Large Print depend on the content. We can provide a firm quote once we’ve seen your document.
  • Can you provide printed Easy Read materials?
    We can arrange for a printing service to print your Easy Read materials and post them to you. Costs will vary depending on quantity, page numbers, paper grade etc. Alternatively, we can provide a printer-ready PDF with print marks, crops and bleeds, so that you can arrange your own printing. Please let us know about this in advance because most printing companies require documents in multiples of 4 pages for printing purposes.
  • Do you offer Easy Read training?
    We don’t provide Easy Read training. There is lots of free information about producing accessible information available online. If you are having a go at producing your own Easy Read materials, we can provide you with feedback to help you develop your skills.
  • Can you produce Easy Read documents in other languages?
    Yes, we can produce Easy Read in any language you require. Firstly, we will produce an English language version of your Easy Read document. Then we can either arrange for a translation service to translate the text into another language, or you can translate the text yourself in-house. We will then use the translated text to produce the alternative language version of the Easy Read.
  • Can Easy Read be produced in different sizes, other than A4?
    We don’t recommend that Easy Read should be produced in any other size. A4 is always best for Easy Read as it allows for the right font size (16-18pt) and space for images beside the text.
  • What types of documents can you convert into Easy Read?
    We can basically convert any type of document into Easy Read, including reports, presentations, leaflets, consultations, strategies, letters, reference & guidance documents, policies, surveys, forms, information sheets, flow-charts, web-content, posters, meeting minutes & agendas, legal & technical documents.
  • What is a web accessible document?
    Web accessible documents are designed to enable disabled people to use them, particularly those with a visual impairment. A web accessible PDF is compatible with screen-readers and should meet all of the criteria set out in the accessibility regulations called ‘WCAG’ (web content accessibility guidelines). Web accessible PDFs and regular PDFs don’t look any different to the naked eye, but a web accessible PDF will be ’tagged’ - meaning each element of the document (text, links, images) has a piece of code that is recognised by a screen-reader so it can be read out loud, in sequence. When we prepare a web accessible PDF, we make sure it is tagged correctly and run it through accessibility checks to make sure it complies with the regulations.
  • Do you involve people with a learning disability in production of Easy Read?
    We work closely with a team of people with a learning disability supported by our local Mencap group. They routinely check a cross section of our documents and their feedback helps us with the quality of all our work.
  • Do you offer discounts for charities or voluntary organisations?
    For parity, our costs are the same across all sectors.
  • If we do the Easy Read text, can you add pictures?
    Yes, if you’ve done your own Easy Read text we can add pictures and design.
  • Can you use our logo and branding in the Easy Read document?
    Yes, we can use your logo and follow any branding guidelines you have within the confines of Easy Read layout. If you have a designed version of your standard information, we can try to incorporate some of the design elements so that the Easy Read is cohesive.
  • What do you need us to provide to complete an Easy Read document?
    You can send us your document/information in any format including Word, web-link, PDF, InDesign file, text-file, printed copy, in the body of an email etc.
  • How do I request a quote?
    It’s best if you can use our booking form to request a quote. This has some questions for you to answer that will help us to understand your requirements, and an option to upload a copy or draft of your original document(s). Click here to access the booking form.
  • How long does Easy Read take?
    We typically take a couple of weeks to turn documents around. This includes a few days lead time for starting new work. We can usually accommodate requests to turn documents around very quickly (a few days) if you have a tight deadline. If you ask us to make any amendments, we will aim to apply changes within 48 hours.
  • Can you give us some feedback on our own Easy Read document?
    Yes, we can review your Easy Read document and provide you with a short report detailing our feedback. We have done this for several clients and they have found it helpful in their approach to subsequent Easy Read documents.
  • What happens when I ask you for a quote?
    Once you’ve sent us a copy or draft of your document(s), we’ll prepare a quote for you within 24 hours. The quote will tell you how much our service will cost, how long it will take and what we will provide. You can then let us now if you want to accept the quote and we will tell you what date you can expect to receive a first draft of your Easy Read document.
  • How much does Easy Read cost?
    Our costs will depend on the content that needs to be converted. We can’t provide costs based on your description of the information, word count or number of pages. This is because some information can be summarised for Easy Read, and some information needs to be expanded upon, so we’ll need to see the content before we can determine how much work is involved and give you a firm quote. We may be able to give you a rough estimate in the meantime.
  • Will you treat my document confidentially?
    Yes, we work to a strict confidentiality policy.
  • Do you own the copyright for all the pictures in your Easy Read documents?
    We are licensed to use all of the images which appear in our documents. We have subscriptions with several stock image libraries including Photosymbols and Shutterstock. You are permitted to share your Easy Read document publicly as you wish, although you can’t use the images separately for other purposes.
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