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We can transform your information into a fully accessible Easy Read resource.

Our expert team will:

Translate your text into easy language.

Add pictures and design that follows your branding.

Provide a finished Easy Read resource that can be printed and published online (WCAG 2.2 compliant).

We involve independent groups of people with learning disabilities to check the quality of our work.

What is Easy Read?

What is
Easy Read?

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Easy Read is an accessible format.

It is used by people with a learning disability and other people who have difficulty with standard information.

Easy Read is a way of translating difficult information and making it easier to understand.

Easy Read information uses easy words in short sentences, with pictures to help explain the words.​

The Equality Act (2010) and Accessible Information Standard require organisations to produce information in an accessible format. Easy Read can ensure that disabled people have equal access to information and are not discriminated against.

What we do

Using our expertise, we support organisations to make their information accessible to people with a learning disability and anyone who has difficulty with standard information.

We live by these principles: 

What we do
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End user focus

Keep the end user in mind at every step.

Illustrated image of a woman helping a younger woman to look through a questionnaire.


Work with people who use Easy Read to check the quality of our work.

Illustrated image of a man checking a document on a clipboard with a tick.

High quality

Deliver high quality Easy Read materials.

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Happy clients

Enable our clients to meaningfully engage with their audience.

Why is
Easy Read

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When information is easy to read, everyone can do more for themselves.


Easy Read information enables people to:​

  • Be more independent.

  • Take part in the world around them.

  • Get equal access to health, care, support and other services.

  • Make use of employment, education and training opportunities.

  • Develop knowledge and make the best of their lives.

  • Have a say in issues that affect them. 

Why is Easy Read important?

Examples of our Easy Read work

We typically provide Easy Read materials in PDF format. We can prepare high-resolution PDFs for printing and WCAG 2.2 compliant PDFs for publishing online, to meet accessibility laws. We also provide Easy Read in other formats including audio & video, files for use in web-content, PowerPoint presentations and editable Word versions. 

Here are some examples of our work:

Examples of our Easy Read work
A huge thanks to the excellent service I received from Easy Read Online – very knowledgeable, skilled, helpful and friendly.
They made a very complex piece of work – for me – more manageable and looking great and turned it round in a short timescale. A job very well done!!!

Surrey County Council

How can we
help you?

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If you’d like us to produce an Easy Read version of your information, you can send us your document in any format.


Click here to request a quote:

If you have any questions or queries, have a look at our FAQs.


If you have any other questions you can:


How can we help you?
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