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Our work

HM Government

This Government document is an Easy Read version of their consultation into the changes that are being made to how fit notes are issued in England.


Healthwatch England

Healthwatch is an independent body that makes sure health services and professionals receive feedback from patients in order to improve their care standards.

We were asked by Healthwatch to create an Easy Read version of their privacy policy - how they collect, use and keep people's information safe.


General Medical Council

The General Medical Council is an organisation that says what skills, knowledge and behaviours that doctors should have.

This Easy Read document explains what good medical practice, how patients should be treated and the best ways that they should work with patients to make sure they get the right care.


Transport Focus

Transport Focus is an independent

group that looks into transport issues

and speaks up for transport users.

This document is a report into what people thought about the plans and changes to ticket offices at the train stations in England.


Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council are responsible for providing services to the 450,000-strong population of Bristol.

They asked us to create an Easy Read version of their document explaining how they were going to change the way that the council is run.

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International Disability Alliance

The IDA is an alliance of networks bringing together organisations of persons with disabilities and their families across the world. They promote and support organisations of people with disabilities to enhance human rights.

We were asked to create an Easy Read version of their global report into the participation of organisations of persons with disabilities.

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