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What is the Learning Disability Register?

You can see Easy Read information about the Learning Disability Register from Mencap here:


Illustration of the Learning Disability Register on a Clipboard

The Learning Disability Register is a list of people who have learning disabilities. It is kept locally, by individual GP practices. The NHS requires every GP practice to keep a list of their patients who have a learning disability - and this is the Learning Disability Register.

People with learning disabilities are more likely to face health inequalities, including having poorer physical and mental health than people without a learning disability. A lack of access to the right knowledge, care and support leads to people with a learning disability generally living shorter lives than the average population and having inadequate support from health and care services.

One way that the NHS tries to tackle this is by offering an annual health check to everyone over the age of 14 who is on the Learning Disability Register. This helps to find out any problems that someone might have early on, so they can be treated. It also provides a chance for the doctor to understand any adjustments that the patient might need.

A health action plan can be requested at an annual health check, which will advise about how someone can live more healthily. It can also include ways that the doctor’s surgery will support someone to be fully involved in their healthcare.

The GP surgery is required to make reasonable adjustments to support people on the Learning Disability Register. This might be a quieter place to wait for an appointment at the surgery, or having appointments at certain times of day. Getting health information in Easy Read is another reasonable adjustment that can be requested.

Another benefit of being on the Learning Disability Register is that you will be contacted for any vaccinations that you might need, like getting the free flu or Covid-19 jabs.

How to join the Learning Disability Register

Front page of mencap document called How to join the Learning Disability Register

If you or someone you know would like to join the Learning Disability Register, you should first talk to your doctor’s surgery. You may need to make an appointment to talk about your needs before you join the Learning Disability Register.

Mencap have produced an Easy Read guide on how to join the Learning Disability Register:

Front page image of the Easy Read letter

You could also use this Easy Read letter to tell your doctor’s surgery what support you need:



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