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September Newsletter!

Hello from the Easy Read Online team!

Here’s a quick update on the Easy Read work we’ve been doing this month.


National Inclusion Week

TikTok Logo

This week is National Inclusion Week - aimed at encouraging employers to think about ways to improve inclusion in their workplaces. We posted our first video on TikTok as part of this - to share great examples of inclusive work, such as the Easy Read guides at Nottingham Castle.


September Spotlight Projects

Front page of document called 'Including women and girls with disabilities'

Including women and girls with disabilities in development work We recently worked with Sightsavers on a document that details how they will continue to improve the way they include women and

girls with disabilities in their development and humanitarian projects. This is a great step in making sure women and girls with disabilities aren’t left behind in development work.

United Nations Logo

Report for the UN on including persons with disabilities in peacebuilding

This month we worked with the United Nations to produce an Easy Read version of their

report on how disabled people should be included in peacebuilding. Disabled people often have

different perspectives to share on how a country can come together and rebuild after a war. We were very pleased to be able to support the UN with this important piece of work.


Have you or someone you know been harmed by valproate or pelvic mesh?

The Government is initiating a redress scheme for people who have been directly or indirectly harmed by either: taking valproate or having pelvic surgery that involved the use of pelvic mesh. The Patient Safety Commissioner has been tasked with advising the Government’s redress scheme and thinks your views are an important part of this. If you would like your say in the planning of the redress scheme you can fill in the Patient Safety Commissioner survey here:


Coming up in October

Black History Month 2023 Logo

Black History Month

The month of October is Black History Month.

We recently worked with South London Gallery to produce a guide to their exhibition ‘Lagos, Peckham, Repeat’ on the connections and shared history between Peckham and Lagos. The exhibition is running until the 29th of October, and you can find out more about it here:


Thank you

That’s all from us for September. We hope you have a good month ahead!

As ever, if you need to request a quote for information in Easy Read, you can use our online form:


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